The UF-led collaborative research team will develop biofuels derived second generation feedstocks which are derived from inedible plant matter. The proposed research will optimize the production of advanced biofuel feedstock by improving cultivars through intensive breeding/genomics and by developing best cultural management practices for the different crop species. The primary goal is to develop and optimize several crops as biofuels feedstocks.

These crops include:

Feedstocks: Goals

  • Improve feedstock (production potential and feedstock quality) using genomics and breeding tools
  • Identify locally adapted cultivars and their optimization for large scale production without food fuel trade-offs
  • Develop production logistics and identify soil and environmental criteria to ensure a commercially successful advanced feedstock production system

Feedstocks: Research Publications

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  • 2017
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  • 2016
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Cutting a sorghum sample

Cutting a sample of sorghum for test purposes. Sorghum crops, biofuel production.